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Fast Oil Tank Sweep guarantees all of our jobs.  You can depend that all of our jobs to the level of accuracy that you can expect.  A Tank Sweep guarantee is just the start of why fast tank sweeps is the company for you.  With over 25 years experience in the oil tank industry, we have the knowledge and experience most other companies lack. Which has consistently allowed us to find those tanks others can’t. 

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Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ will scan and identify any metal anomalies on your property (or potential property) by the use of electronic metal detection equipment (oil tanks are only made out of metal). This equipment can read 5-7 feet underground and is set to identify larger, UST (underground storage tank) size objects. It will not detect small wires or coins that are buried. It is not your typical metal detector, and is used by highly trained technicians. We also will conduct a visual inspection of said property, inside and outside of the home. We search for the presence of fill pipes, vent pipes, and fuel distribution lines. If pipes or lines are detected, that does not mean a tank is present. It is possible that the tank was removed and these items were just left with the home. Same goes as if there are no pipes or lines detected, there can still be an UST. A written report will be provided.

Exploratory Dig

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f a metal anomaly is detected, Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ offers an Exploratory Dig service. The exploratory dig



The exploratory dig is never done using any machinery and is always done by hand with shovels and extreme caution.  The excavation area during an exploratory dig is no bigger than 2 feet x 2 feet in size.  This is a secondary appointment to determine what the metal anomaly found during the oil tank sweep is. We typically dig by hand and shovel down until we can unearth and put eyes on what object is setting off our metal detecting equipment. A secondary report for the Exploratory Dig will then be provided. 

Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ Process

Booking an Oil Tank Sweep NJ or Exploratory Dig with Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ is simple. This can be done here on this website, OR by calling 732-867-8890

We then need access to said property AND permission from the property owner to have access to the property. Gates to the backyard must be unlocked. No vehicles can be parked in the driveway. 

No one necessarily has to meet us at the property, but we do need access and permission to do so. Either way, the written report will be emailed to you THE SAME DAY!

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Do I need to have an oil tank sweep done before purchasing a property?

Getting an oil tank sweep NJ done will give you peace of mind, in knowing that there are no USTs (underground storage tanks) buried on what will now be your property. Once you close on said property, you are now responsible for that tank and any potential soil contamination or remediation. Getting an oil tank sweep done before closing on a property will allow you the opportunity to negotiate with the seller in regards to getting the UST removed. 

But the owner states that the house was always on natural gas…

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There are a lot of times in which the home owner does not know that they have an UST on his or her property. The home may have always been on natural gas during that person’s ownership; but what about before? It is possible that the home was on oil prior to the home owner taking ownership. This 

Another thing that we see a lot is where we find an UST in where it was filled or decommissioned. This would mean removing the oil from the tank, and filling the tank with a sand or gravel like substance. In this case, the UST is still left abandoned in the ground. Filling an oil tank was permitted to do years ago instead of removal. We find these a lot, and the home owners may or may not know these tanks are present, as when they bought the home, this was the common practice, and they were not made aware. In this instance, you would still want the UST removed. Here is an article of filled or decommissioned USTs: buying house with filled oil tank (homeowners insurance, attorney, construction) – New Jersey (NJ) – City-Data Forum (

One more instance to think of would be this: what was on this property before the house that is currently there? A lot of times properties were of different use prior to the home you see today. Sometimes there were farms, in which USTs were used to heat barns. Sometimes they were hotels in which oil tanks were used. Sometimes a house may have burned down and a new house was built. Was the previous house using oil? And sometimes the property could have been an old gas station or fueling location. Sounds crazy, but this is more common than you think. And these gas stations would obviously use MUCH larger USTs than your typical one used for homes.

You do not want to inherit these problems and costs.

Here is an article on getting an oil tank sweep done: Should you do a “sweep” for underground storage tanks (UST) before you buy a home? | Serra Law Group

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Do towns keep records of Oil Tanks?

Towns do keep records of oil tanks and permits to remove or decommission USTs. But this is a grey area, as sometimes records are not kept correctly or readily available. Years ago, USTs may have been removed without permits, or filled and decommissioned without proper documentation. Getting an oil tank sweep done will give you a definitive answer if there is an oil tank buried on your potential property.

Towns also may have records of old property surveys. This would be beneficial to you too. An oil tank sweep will identify any metal anomalies. There are times that old and abandoned septic systems are located during the oil tank sweep. Sometimes old surveys from the township will show these old septic systems. But Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ still recommends an exploratory dig to verify that the metal anomaly is not an oil tank. There is no telling what was done on that property after the survey was done.

ere is the Middlesex County Property Records website: County Clerk – Public Records (

Here is the Middlesex County office building: 75 Bayard Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Here is the Edison Township website: Welcome to Township of Edison (

Here is the Edison Township Town Hall: 100 Municipal Boulevard Edison, NJ 08817

Here is the Edison Township phone number: 732-287-0900

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