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fast oil tank sweep nj tank sweep

 Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ will scan and identify any metal anomalies on your property (or potential property) by the use of electronic metal detection equipment (oil tanks are only made out of metal). This equipment can read 5-7 feet underground and is set to identify larger, UST (underground storage tank) size objects. It will not detect small wires or coins that are buried. It is not your typical metal detector, and is used by highly trained technicians. We also will conduct a visual inspection of said property, inside and outside of the home. We search for the presence of fill pipes, vent pipes, and fuel distribution lines. If pipes or lines are detected, that does not mean a tank is present. It is possible that the tank was removed and these items were just left with the home. Same goes as if there are no pipes or lines detected, there can still be an UST. A written report will be provided. 

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Whenever looking to purchase a home or property, you should conduct an oil tank sweep. The state has required this assessment of the property as well as real estate brokers. Typically, when getting a loan, you will need to provide documentation stating that there are no UST’s on said property. You should want to do this regardless, as you do not want to inherit a tank with a potential leak and potential contamination of soil. Here is an article from the state of New Jersey: NJDEP New Jersey Division of Watershed Management – Basic Information 

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Towns do keep records of oil tanks and permits to remove or decommission USTs. But this is a grey area, as sometimes records are not kept correctly or readily available. Years ago, USTs may have been removed without permits, or filled and decommissioned without proper documentation. Getting an oil tank sweep done will give you a definitive answer if there is an oil tank buried on your potential property. <br>Towns also may have records of old property surveys. This would be beneficial to you too. An oil tank sweep will identify any metal anomalies. There are times that old and abandoned septic systems are located during the oil tank sweep. Sometimes old surveys from the township will show these old septic systems. But Fast Oil Tank Sweep NJ still recommends an exploratory dig to verify that the metal anomaly is not an oil tank. There is no telling what was done on that property after the survey was done.

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