Fast Oil Tank Sweep: Exploratory Dig

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An Exploratory dig is done by hand, Never with machinery

The Excavation is a extremely small 2′ x 2′ 

new jersey exploratory dig

Why do an exploratory dig?

In approximately 25% of all oil tank sweeps an underground metal anomaly is identified consistent in size to an underground storage tank. To accurately identify an underground metal anomaly as an oil tank an identifying feature must be visible. The two identifying features of an oil tank are the vent pipe and the fill pipe shown in the photos above. In many cases these pipes have been long removed from underground tanks no longer in use as they stick up from the ground surface and become a hazard to foot traffic, children, and lawn equipment. Without these features present the only way to confirm the found metal anomalies identity is to perform an exploratory dig. The exploratory dig will confirm the existence or non existence of an underground oil tank in an area of concern. It is common to find septic tanks or septic tank components as some are the exact same size and shape as the tanks used to house heating oil. An exploratory dig avoids the wasted time and money of assuming the found metal anomaly is an oil tank, contracting a tank removal contractor, pulling permits from the township, and waiting 2 weeks for approval only to find a septic tank which is of no environmental concern and the sale the property could have been finalized long before.

Will an Exploratory dig ruin the lawn?

An Exploratory dig will not ruin your lawn. We never use a machine to peform an exploratory dig and here is why….  When an oil tank removal is performed a vac truck is on site to properly remove the remaining oil or sludge that exists in the underground tank. In situations where the integrity of the steel used to make up the oil tank has been compromised due to years of corrosion and rot a very minute amount of pressure could lead to a burst in the tank. At that point the vac truck would be there to save the oil from contaminating the ground around it. A vac truck is not expected to be used during an exploratory dig because removal of the tank and its components is not the purpose of the job. Therefore completing that job with a machine which could potentially cause the need for a vac truck is extremely dangerous. Fast Oil Tank Sweep performs all our exploratory digs by hand shovel, pick, and post digger. Extreme caution is used in every thrust in an effort to avoid any unnecessary damage to underground utilities.  The incision is typically 2′ x 2′. Blacktop is patched when finished and if the exploratory dig is done in the grass, the area of grass is cut out and placed aside and then reapplied to the top area when finished.  Most exploratory dig areas are barely recognized as being disturbed after the dig is completed.  

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